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June 29 2017

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when you're waiting in traffic and your favourite song plays and you want everyone to know
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Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

“Cole once hosted a party in which the attendees discovered that they all had the word “bottom” in their surname.“

This man is my hero.

He’s like a Monty Python character.

Are you fucking kidding me. This man is real? And I will never get to meet him??

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Of all the strange things to happen in 2017, Smash Mouth explicitly supporting trans people during pride month is by far the most pleasant. Hey now, you’re an all star.

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tatlısınız valla

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June 28 2017

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may only the poorest survive, or something..
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btw: diese aufkleber, ey.

ich hätte ziemlich lust da einen "KUNST IST ALLES WAS LEGAL IST!" danebenzukleben.. :P

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