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July 03 2020

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July 02 2020

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June 29 2020

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yeah, but what we really need in government is someone who can drink a whole bucket of vodka without using either of their hands.
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June 28 2020

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Gaming chair
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"Man put them greens in her ass and let's go, I got places to be!"
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Higher productivity and a booming economy don't automatically mean higher wages.

sure, or lower prices for that matter. bosses and states will try to leech as much value out of the market as they can. but they can only do that if we let them.

also immigrants tend to be highly entrepreneurial compared to non-immigrants. that may not help much against statist exploitation, but it means more competition for the bosses, meaning better conditions for workers and consumers. immigration also helps against statist exploitation as it allows voting by foot and creates at least a bit more competition between states.

i read it. it's basically a comic book, so it's a fairly quick read. Caplan is an ancap, and you'll notice he doesn't like communists (which, looking at most self-described communists is kinda understandable). but overall i think he does a good job engaging counterarguments fairly.

i'm a bit on the chapter on "keyhole solutions", which basically are proposed compromises that aren't as bad as as the status-quo but address the nationalist's concerns. they are still bad, and he himself says as much. reading them made me feel uncomfortable, but i guess they do a good job at showing how xenophobic and authoritarian today's immigration policies are.

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